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Intron Depot 2: Blades CD-ROM (Shirow Masamune)   
11:34pm 28/09/2005
  For Sale:

Price: $50.00 USD
Shipping: $5.00 (SAL/4th Class Airmail)

Works with Windows/Mac. Comes with two CD-ROMs of illustrations from the Intron Depot 2 book and original mousepad.

New, never opened or owned. Mint condition.
Only one. Once gone, that's it.
First come, first serve.

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New Designs From Harajuku Hijack   
07:31pm 11/07/2005
  I put up new designs today for a total of 29 designs so far. Check them out. All designs are straight from Japan as always!

Japanese Sales Receipt

Clean Facilities

Special Lower Price


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Traditional Japanese Goods and Modern GalChic Stickers   
01:13pm 10/04/2005
  Another round of goods featuring traditional bowls, punk rock/horror stickers, samurai fun, manga, telephone cards and much, much more. Nearly 40 auctions in all.

Please be kind enough to point your browsers below for

Harajuku Hijack eBay Auctions
Excellent eBay Auctions   
03:12am 05/04/2005
  A great new round of fun stuff including rare Hello Kitty goods, Shirow Masamune telephone cards, and traditional chopsticks. Very nice stuff. Please do check them out.

Harajuku Hijack eBay Auctions

Thank you.

Humbly yours,
Jack Amano
Hello Kitty eBay Auctions   
05:18pm 24/03/2005
  Another round of great, very limited edition Hello Kitty auctions. As always, officially licensed goods.

Traditional chopsticks available as well.
Limited Edition Hello Kitty Sports Towels   
11:50am 02/03/2005

Some very nice Hello Kitty towels directly from Japan. These are not knockoffs. A great addition to any fan's collection. Click the image for more images and the auction.


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Fashion Magazines, Hello Kitty Plushies, and More   
11:46am 16/02/2005
  More great ebay auctions for all you cute culture fans out there including exclusive Hello Kitty plushies, Cawaii fashion magazine, egg fashion magazine, a Hamasaki Ayumi sports towel (never used of course), and other items.

Keep track of all our items at: Harajuku Hijack eBay Auctions

Note, many of these are time-sensitive auctions so don't waste another moment. =)

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Harajuku Hijack Ebay Auctions   
03:13pm 09/02/2005
  We have some really cute and cool things up on eBay for auction. Officially licenced character goods from Japan! Winnie the Pooh, Curious George, Hello Kitty and more. Each of the items is authentic and limited in number. If you are interested, please check out the auctions. Thanks.

Hello Kitty Tote Bag (KFC Promotion)

Curious George Cup Set (KFC Promotion)

Winnie the Pooh Stationary Set

Plain Clothes Samurai on Patrol Parody T-shirt

Innocence (Ghost in the Shell 2) Coffee Mug

Best regards,
Jack Amano

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New Shirt Designs! -- RenAi (True Love)   
03:29pm 08/02/2005
  Just in time for Valentine's Day, a shirt that says it all -- "Ren Ai" (True Love). A giant red heart with the words for True Love written in poetic Japanese kanji lettering.

Shirts, cards and other items available.

Be mine!
Jack Amano

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New Shirt Designs! -- Embarrassment, Banzai, Gambaru!   
03:22pm 08/02/2005
  Three new designs added to Harajuku Hijack's line up of original Japanese culture t-shirts:

Hazukashii (Embarrassment) in emoticon form as used in Japanese email and cell phone mail.

Banzai (Long Life/Live Forever) literally means "10,000 years" in emoticon form as used in Japanese email and cell phone mail.

Gambaru (to fight on, to not give up, to persevere) in emoticon form as used in Japanese email and cell phone mail.

Check them out by clicking the t-shirt icons. Tons of different styles and items including postcards, long sleeve shirts, hoodies (hoodys), baby bibs, and much more.

Until later!
Jack Amano

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New Shirt Designs! -- Kuroneko   
11:58pm 15/01/2005
Kuroneko (Black Cat)

Get them here!

Kuroneko At Night

Excellent Kuroneko (Black Cat) Yamato courier service mascot gear, designed for both the ladies, gentlemen, and even the young ones in your family.

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Plain Clothes Samurai On Patrol! -- Brand New, Original T-shirt From Harajuku Hijack!   
08:35pm 15/01/2005
  An original Harajuku Hijack t-shirt for all you Japanophiles out here, this is an awesome parody of the signs you see in Japanese department stores around the country stating "Plain Clothes Police Officer On Patrol". NOW IN A NEW COLOR SCHEME AND TWO NEW SIZES!

In Japanese: Shifuku Samurai Junkai Chuu
In English: Plain Clothes Samurai On Patrol

Made of soft, yet sturdy, 100%, pre-shrunk cotton.

Sizes S ~ XXL. (see specifics under cut)

Price: $24 includes worldwide Airmail shipping)

Order via PayPal:

Shirt design:

Measurement SpecificsCollapse )

Feel free to link this WHOLE ad to other sites if you so wish.

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Jack Amano

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New Shirts! New Items! New Look!   
12:27am 02/09/2004
  Spanky, new samurai shirts up. This time they read: "Kenka Joto!" a phrase used by samurai just as they brought their swords down for the kill; means, "Bring it on!"

T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, etc. For guys and gals.

4 more designs up this week featuring different slogans.

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Samurai T-shirt Customer Comments   
03:45pm 17/08/2004
  We can't even count the number of wonderful customers we've had buy our shirt since launch, but we'd love to share just a smidgeon of the comments we get from them.

Dude, I just got my shirt and it rocks!  A large probably would have fit, but I like the bagginess of the XL.

How about Plain Clothes Kunoichi On Patrol for the ladies?  You could have a whole series! ^__^



Hi Jack (hijack, ho ho ho),

The shirt has arrived and is just as wonderful as I expected -- beautiful quality and great fit. The wannabe samurai is now on the loose, determined to protect and defend all good people.

Thanks so much for your prompt and charming service.



It's great. It's awesome [my husband] loves it. Thanks so much. The quality of the shirt is excellent.


No no, thank you! Thank you one and all.

Tons of new items added to the shop! -- Baseball caps, Lunch boxes, Sweatshirts, even Toddler Clothing!


Check it all at: http://www.cafepress.com/harajuku_hijack

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Jack Amano

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Cafe Press Harajuku Hijack   
02:45pm 05/08/2004
  A couple of you loyal fans asked me to create a Harajuku Hijack Cafe Press Shop. So I have. You can buy the Samurai Punk/Plain Clothes Samurai On Patrol shirt at the link below now.

There are now ladies' versions, baseball jersey versions, sleeveless tops, spaghetti strap versions, and sizes S - XXXXL.

Cafe Press Harajuku Hijack

8 new styles altogether!

Thanks for your support as always!
Jack Amano

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09:34pm 21/04/2004
  The official Harajuku Hijack Site is open! With brand new items and brand new prices on some of our items! Come on over and check us out at:

Harajuku Hijack Now Open!


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Too Cute for Words   
03:36pm 01/04/2004
  Fun site. Check the CATWALK too.



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Holy Harajuku Harlots!   
07:44am 25/03/2004
  We've been away for a little bit working hard on the regular HH site, and we didn't realize how many of you wonderful people had added us as your friend! We are terribly sorry it took us so long to get our act together, but we have finally added you all... AND are readying ourselves to open the site over the weekend!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

We thank you all for your support and curiosity and hope that this year will be an excellent year of goodies and fun. We plan to be an informative and fun site as well as a goodies site. So feel free to participate!

Once again, thank you all so much for the wonderful support. Watch for the opening this weekend!!


=( So of course, our computer goes ker-plunk on us this week. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Final Fantasy Fan Book + Monster -- FFMON001   
05:08pm 07/02/2004

An awesome booklet and figure set from the Final Fantasy world. A cool all-color booklet (51 pages) of different monsters from the various games, plus a cool 3-inch figure of Dark Bahamut (from the FF X International Version). Limited quantity of one (1).
Product Number: FFMON001
Price: $6.00 --- Shipping: $5.50 for Air, $4.00 for SAL.

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Young Uppers Shirow Posters -- SHIROW001   
11:16pm 01/02/2004

The awesome Shirow posters from Young Uppers Magazine! These are cool, double-sided, full-color posters of scantily-clad ladies (Wild, Wet West, Gal Grease and Gal Hound) sold exclusively in Japan. Each poster is $6.00 and ships for $4.00 for the first one. Subsequent shipping costs less (to be figured at time of purchase). Shipped without magazine, in a safe package to protect the poster(s).
Product Number: SHIROW001
Price: $6.00 --- Shipping: $4.00 for Air

When ordering, please use both SHIROW001 and the number(s) of the poster(s) you want. For example: SHIROW001 -- 0101, 0108, 0106. Thank you.

See under cut for complete listing of different postersCollapse )

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